Cory (Linden) Ondrejka Departs Linden Lab — Updated

I was not really planning on doing so much news coverage as is showing up here, but events are conspiring against me.

Any road, reports are confirmed that Cory Ondrejka, the Chief Tech Officer of Linden Lab, is departing — and apparently under disagreements with Philip Rosedale about the future technical direction Second Life is to take. I have no direct information myself, but the initial reports at Massively are confirmed by New World Notes and Reuters SL feed.

There appear to be some who think that Cory, a.k.a. the Flying Spaghetti Monster of the Grid, was the grounding force that helped Second Life develop to what it is today, and dismiss Rosedale as scattered and a negative influence on LL’s direction. The best I can say as a relative newcomer is: read all you can, analyze carefully, and draw your own conclusions.  I’ll update this as I discover more writing on the issue, and put up a new article when I draw any conclusions of my own.


UPDATE, December 13, 1:12 a.m. local:

I posted the original above early in the news/blog cycle. More reaction to Ondrejka’s departure is starting to trickle in, based on tag searches:

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