News on Free Skins! Updated

I guess I read the right blogs. Mandylia was writing about how she’s spending way too many lindens around the Grid, and she mentioned another blog article written by Myg, talking about — quality free skins! This is especially valuable for newbies (like one I know — see an upcoming article!), but also for old hand Residents wanting a new look without dropping between £500-2,500 for a new skin. Give this a consideration, and give your budget a rest! (Unless you’re Anshe Chung, Nicky Ree, any of the Electric Sheep, et al.)


UPDATE, Jan. 19, 12:04 p.m. local:

New World Notes links back to me, and to others blogs, in a news report on discussions concerning the ethics of free skins, shapes, clothes, etc. The question, at least in part: with designers making in Real World terms what amounts to sweatshop pay for their goods, does it really “pay” for them to give anything away? Are they undermining the market for the rest of the designers around them?

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