Contact Sheet — Anessa Stine and Hitomi Mokusei

I publish many of my Second Life snapshot photos on Flickr, as you can tell from my sidebar feed box; and, while following the visits made to my own stuff, I like to check out the photos taken by my competition, uh, colleagues (grin). (Okay, okay; the ego’s getting swollen here….) Where I find good ones, I mark them as favorites so I can come back to them.

Many of these are too good to not share with you; and so I’m starting an irregular column called “Contact Sheet,” where I’ll share a few with you from time to time. Where the photographer has allowed usage (usually through Creative Commons), I’ll insert a copy; otherwise, you’ll find a link to his or her page on Flickr, Snapzilla, et al.


Several regions of the Grid are very much favorites of some avatars, for reasons sometimes best explained by themselves. But if you study their work, you can begin to perceive the reasons for such an appeal. One of these is Anessa Stine, who (when she isn’t running Pin-Ups in Retrology) has done some time in the Wastelands. Here, in this howling wilderness of ruins, rubble and mutants, Anessa has discovered ways to capture your attention and portray beauty — and even a smile or two. Of course, it could simply be the costume she’s wearing…. (Note: for those easily offended, go rather to the kittens. This costume is radical to some sensibilities.)

Hitomi Mokusei, on the other hand, prefers the more pastoral lands of the Far Away, specifically the Wheatfield. She has a set dedicated to photos she’s taken there. Examining these, I’m much reminded of the better work of Andrew Wyeth, such as Christina’s World. A selection of the best (the last of which I’ve commented on in depth):

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