Contact Sheet — Shoshana Epsilon, Moire Georgette and Zonja Capalini

For this round of Contact Sheet, three more of my regular harvests from Flickr.


Shoshana Epsilon is an in-world photographer, and experiments with various camera settings as she travels around Second Life. Recently, she’s tried turning off the camera constraints and closing in tight.


Zonja Capalini has built an impressive region called Condensation Land, which includes her home. Here’s a landscape in small; click on it to go to the page:

Zonja’s home in Condensation Land

The house is up on the hill, while her club is on the left.


Moire Georgette added this to her collection shortly after I first rezzed in to the Grid. She’s in costume here (this was in October), and the confection reminded her of a woman out of Brazilian history. Let her Flickr page tell the story for you; but beyond that, I find the contrast between the dark skin she wears and the shining white of the gown and wig wonderful, much more beautiful than Marie Antoinette could ever be.

Moire Georgette as Xica da Silva

Published photographs used under license of Creative Commons.


Check out these Residents’ other work as well; something else may strike your fancy. If you know of some good photographs from around the Grid, please send me an E-mail to the link in my sidebar, and I’ll consider them for a future column.

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