Contact Sheet 6

Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life. Images used in this article are used under permission of the owners via their participation in the Creative Commons license; otherwise, all rights are reserved. Click on the links as necessary to go to the required blog, Flickr or Snapzilla page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments, if you have an account on the appropriate service.

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For this edition of Contact Sheet, I’m presenting some ultra-glamour couture from a regular hand and fellow blog publisher; art builds photographed by another Resident; a nice landscape; a bit of humor; and a case of the Eye has it.


Blogger Jhuzen Ketsugo also goes by the Flickr handle of DJ Ket-su. Her blog, Virtual Fashion Addict, is known for its regular “Look of the Day” column, in which Jhu models an outfit in detail.

For this article, Jhu described being invited to a motel opening by a friend, who specified that the party was glam dress. She assembled a costume that fit the bill to a T, while being eclectic and ultra fierce, in her words. The two photos she used are also in the article; but it’s easier to work from her copies on Flickr (which is where I found them anyway). [Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3] The whole ensemble is great, except for (to my taste) the bracelet set; but note especially the earrings and the hairstyle.


Ludmilla Writer is an excellent creator of landscape shots; she did some close-up studies of the plant life at the Moldof beach I mentioned a few articles ago that are beautiful studies of individual plants, and put my rushed wide-angle views to shame. (Look for the four Moldof photos in her stream.) For these two art builds, Ludya went to two unspecified locations, and captured the sculptures at excellent times of the day — skill with WindLight as well as composition!

Gira is interesting, though the dynamic quality of the sculpture suggests that it should be done in machinima if the thing is actually in motion. But this is a minor quibble in the end.

My favorite of the two is Abstracto, a bunched set of rods that I find compelling for their juxtaposition and color, as well as the beauty of the sea from which they rise.


Katerina Kirax’s eclectic stream can contain all sorts of things. I found these two gems in my regular run-through of her work.

Gazebo with a view is another WindLight work, judging by the sky. Get used to more of these appearing as more Residents find the right settings for their computer. Here, the glowing purple color and the ornamentation of the gazebo, especially the Celtic knotwork of the floor, draw the eye before the glowing sun view (I won’t say if it’s rising or setting here [grin]).

A little humor is always welcome, of course, and Katerina spotted this in her travels. Just goes to show you the strange way we get our giggles in the connected world of the Internet.


Finally, a single entry from angie.vita, whose SL name I cannot find on a search. angie comes from Basel, Switzerland, according to her Flickr profile. In the photo, she is visiting Austria City, and does not seem to mind being rather intently observed….


That’s all until next time. Please submit suggestions to me; I can’t possibly see all of the good photos out there by myself, and I rely on a trusty network of spies to bring new material to my attention!

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