A Submission for a Residents’ Flag

In case you haven’t read it already, Laetizia Coronet has opened a competition for designing a flag for the use of Residents. The quaint custom of using the “Eye-in-Hand” logo of Second Life has been thrown into question by the trademark flap, and ‘zia is asking people to send her ideas. With my own design, that should make four entries to date. But, if you’re interested in becoming the Betsy Ross of the Grid, read her article and break out your Paint Shop Pro or GIMP.

Just remember not to waste her time with ridiculous entries; she says right in the article that she won’t consider any Lag Flags (solid grey), anything even distantly smacking of a derogatory nature, and text should be kept to the barest minimum. The best flags combine a clear symbology, expressing a few key points. For instance, this is my own submission:

Proposal for Residents\' flag

As I said in my submission letter to ‘zia, “The field is a rainbow gradient, symbolizing both the international/pan-ethnic nature of the Resident Community, and world with unlimited potential of Second Life — a horizon without end.

“The blue canton is charged with a Celtic knotwork, the interlacing, never-ending, multicolored spiral symbolic of the never-ending creativity exhibited by Residents.”

What do you think? Heraldically speaking, the color combination stinks, but I think we may not need to concern ourselves with that in a virtual world. Even if it doesn’t win the competition, I’ll probably use it as a personal ensign!

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