A Professional Portrait at Last!

Connie Arida, also known as Connie Sec, has been featured in Contact Sheet several times here, and with good reason. Take a look almost any night at her Flickr photostream, and you’ll see why; Connie takes pains with her composition, whether formal sittings or something as relatively impromptu as having some fun with the kitty kat at the Greenies’ house. So, when she invited me to sit for a portrait, I was honored and flattered.

The problem: this avatar is standing on her head in terms of time. In other words, mate, she’s Australian. That sort of puts us at the antipodes, to borrow from Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. When I’m up, she’s just about to go down, and vice versa. And, since I work closing shift in RL most nights, and don’t get home until well into my A.M., that makes it difficult…. But I had a night off last week, and we came together, and things worked out!

Connie published this shot on her stream. (You can comment on it to Connie by following the link.)

Connie's published photo of me

She gave me copies of the others, and I’ve used one for a gravatar change, but I think the Veronica Lake look is actually starting to grow on me (grin).

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