Second Life Bleeding Into CNN’s Real Life

It’s absolutely wild and weird.

For some reason, my traffic has been spiking lately, and a lot of it is due to two articles I’ve written:  one on the custom Droxine gown I commissioned from Hanalyn Ferrer — understandable if people are looking for photos of the original — and one commenting on the Grid banks closure last year.

The big one right now is the bank article.  I had 32 looks at it yesterday, and 56 to this point today (noon SLT).  And I wondered where the burp in traffic was coming from, since we have mostly weathered the financial storm in world as far as I know.  WordPress keeps good statistics, so I poked through my blog stats, and found a link from CNN Search.  The rest of the items on the search page tied in to bank closures — Real World bank closures.

Folks, I’d suggest you don’t come to me for RL financial advice.  I can barely keep my own RL finances in trim at times.

The good thing:  it’s driving my traffic closer to 10,000 (grin).

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