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I’m at loose ends for a topic for myself, and I was going through my tag-surfing routine as usual, when I came across a pair of articles from It’s Only Fashion, a blog co-written by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photography and Gidge Uriza of Don’t Ask. These two have superb taste for outfits and mix-n-match, and I’d recommend their blog to anyone who is looking for good fashion suggestions, or who just enjoys reading about fashion and admiring pictures.

This time around, the pair came up with some real winners. In Gidge’s case, it was a definite winner: she got the messenger bag in her outfit from a lucky chair at Sn@tch! The pantsuit comes from a name I’m just learning about, Kunglers, which looks to be an up and coming source for great clothes; I just stumbled onto their company blog the other day.

Cajsa, on the other hand, in a sense went retro with a vengeance. Indeed, the first picture in her article made me start pinching myself to see if I was having a flashback (I’m old enough!). All she needs are the granny glasses or Ben Franklins, and she could pass for a Seventies hippie mom — aside from those J’s wedgies on her feet. (A true hippie wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than Earth Shoes or Birkies.) The peasant-style skirt goes with a layered top, the vest being possibly suede; wooden jewels and a chain belt complete the bohemian look.

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