Crash Against a Property Wall

I begin to get sincerely annoyed with Mainland property owners who put ban lines around their parcels.

You probably know what I mean already; but for the newcomers out there, property owners — at least on the Mainland Continents — can “lock” their lots, which raises a sort of “fence” of red text saying “no entry.”  If that’s done, there’s no blinkin’ way you can enter; you just bounce off the lines.  If you’re walking, it’s not so bad.  But if you’re flying, you come smack up against the “wall,” and whang!  You can actually bounce for a meter or two backward, as well as get a (virtual) headache from the impact.

This morning, ’round 7:40 a.m. SLT, I was doing some moonlight JetSki riding in my area, which I sometimes do to explore around.  I spotted a yacht in a slip with a kind of gazebo behind it, and I was going to investigate the gazebo.  I don’t think I was going that fast; I’m no great shakes at SL driving, and the edge of things was getting close, so I kept my throttle back.  Then it wasn’t just whang, it was WHANG!!! And I found myself pegged into the mud at the bottom of the bay, unable to move, and bereft of my JetSki — which will probably be returned to my lost and found at some point.  And a polite little blue box told me after the fact, “Cannot enter banned parcel; please try another route.”

It was bad, too, ’cause I couldn’t walk out in any direction, or fly out either.  The only way for me to move was to teleport myself back home to Hrosskell, where I flopped on a couch to pout — after tending to a split lip, a bloody nose, and a headache the size of the Abyss.  I have no idea whose land that was, but that crash got me aggravated….

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