Connie Arida Picture Part of SIGGRAPH Presentation

I forgot about this when I was told; now I’m making up for my silliness.

Connie Arida — Connie Sec on Flickr — informs me that one of her photos was chosen for inclusion in a presentation at the 2008 SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles back in August.  The presentation, by Sarah Tariq and Louis Bavoil of NVIDIA, focused on “Real-Time Hair Simulation and Rendering On the GPU.” Basically, it was a discussion of the progress made in simulating the texture and movement of hair in 3-D environments such as game platforms; and Connie’s photo was used, I gather, as an example of hair in Second Life.

The session was sponsored by NVIDIA; and Tariq has also posted a video online talking about the subject, possibly from the above session.  Connie says that the pair are “evangelising” their technology to Linden Lab at the present time.  Who knows, but that we may see technology like this simulating our favorite coiffures in the future?

Photos used by permission of Connie Arida.

Connie’s picture used by Tariq and Bavoil is photo 1 above; she remarked to me that she finds it curious they chose that particular photo, as it is one of her retouched portraits, and therefore not a very accurate portrayal of what actual hair texture in SL is like.  A more normal picture is number 2 above, which she calls Inner Life on Flickr.

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