Compare the Hair

(I might as well just declare this a hair blog; an awful lot of stories are about hairstyles lately (Grin).)

Anyway, I was doing some hair shopping today after discovering a new style on Flickr, and I went in to Sky Everett’s store.  Sky’s probably best known for her furniture collection, which is luxurious; but she also does Big Hair, and I’m a slave to Big Hair if anything.  I had seen one of my contacts wearing her new Rivenspire piece, and so went to get it.  But, while there, I found a Marie Antoinette style (which I’ve lost the name for; watch here for a correction).  Sky certainly knows how to charge for her hairstyles — nearly L$1,000 — but after seeing all the work that went into the wig, I can’t fault her too much.  I bit the budgetary bullet and bought it.

Then I clicked for Edit, just to look and see what the structure was, and I caught sight of the number of prims in this style, and I just about fell on the floor.  No wonder some styles can lag a region if they’re worn!  But then I started thinking about some of the other big styles I already have, and did a quick comparison….

The first is Sky’s new style, in its most basic version out of three.  (I didn’t take time to switch the backgrounds on my new photo studio, so I didn’t wear the one with the black feathers.)  This version contains 105 prims.  A basic bob haircut runs around 40-50 prims, so this looks like a whopper of a hairstyle.  The more elaborate version actually is higher — 188 prims.  It has feathers, as I noted, and a few extra gewgaws.

But then take a look at photo 2, the ever-lovin’ Venus from Sinsation you’ve seen me in so many times before (yawn).  I checked the load on that one —

247 prims.

I’m glad I didn’t wear Venus at the first day of Hair Fair!

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