Second Life Openspace Crisis — Nothing Fresh to Date

…which is still a little early; at this point, it’s still 8:25 a.m. in California, and I doubt anybody but the system engineers and techs are at work yet at Linden Lab.  So, until then, here’s what fresh blog writing I’ve found.  (I shall attempt to summarize the pieces faithfully, but my own interpretational viewpoint may sneak in.  My apologies in advance, and I’m welcome to comments to clean things up.)

  • Prim Perfect is writing a series on how the hike will affect certain classes that are working within the rule.  They’ve already done pieces on the individual homeowner and a land cooperative group.  Today’s is on a small storeowner; the last will be on a nonprofit working in world.
  • Vint Falken posts a bit of a grinner with a “memo” that she (and I repeat, she, not he) put together in Photoshop.  (Make sure you check Vint’s earlier piece for a 51-blog list of early comments.)
  • Radar Masukami tried out OpenSim briefly some months back.  He’s since gone back in to examine the current state of the alternate art.  His multi-part series on his experience, titled “Moving to Canada,” starts here.  (The title is reminiscent of the threats of many United States residents who said they might bug across the border to Canada if George W. Bush was reelected in 2004.)
  • Caledon is liable to be one area hit severely by the hike, as 20 of their regions are apparently Openspace (according to Total Lunar Eclipse).  Eladrienne Laval writes in A Stroll Through Caledon on a protest ignited (“virtually literally) by the Duchess Primverness.
  • Steelhead, a cousin area to the Caledons, doesn’t have any void sims yet — though they were on the verge of opening one.  Total Lunar and Tensai wrote up their initial take on the situation back on Wednesday; while, returning to Caledon, the Vicereine Kamilah focuses on the current inability to trade your Openspaces back in, and encourages constructive forms of protest to Linden Lab.  (Thanks to Her Grace Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Caledon Loch Avie.)
  • A more personal take from Belmakor Pintens, focusing on the art world and how — if at all — a departure of avatars and Openspaces will affect it.
  • What happens if an Openspace disappears right from under your feet?  Well, this wasn’t quite it, but it’s still good.  (And the question got your attention (grin).)
  • Hypatia Callisto works up the history of Openspace as a series of “massive blunders.”
  • Hamlet Au suggests five vital articles you should read from suggestions and his own research.

More as I discover it. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment, or send them to me at harper.ganesvoort at, or pass them on to Vint Falken.  (Preferably both.)

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