Inventory Problems? Pack Up Your Fatpacks!

I’ve been sitting down (so to speak) and doing some serious inventory clearing — getting rid of all the old freebies from my early days, boxing up other stuff — and I’ve come to a great realization:

Hair fatpacks are wonderful — and terrible.

Wonderful in that you get all these fantastic colors in insanely great styles, so that you can change your hair color as your mood changes (or swings).  But terrible — in that you get all these fantastic colors….  Upwards of between 50-100 different colors per style, depending on how many different shades the stylist provided!  And, as I’m a serious coiffurista, I’ve bought a lot of fatpacks.

How many?  Well, my inventory was around 9,000 items.  Right now, as I’m taking a break from filling THiNC boxes, I am at exactly 8,420.  Actually, I thought I’d packed up a lot more than that, but there you are; some of that may be repacking styles that I’d simply shoveled into a plywood cube, and am now repacking in something that lets me choose more easily, instead of opening the whole thing at one swell foop.  I know I’ll be packing up a lot more when I hit the extreme styles I love so much, such as by Sinsation, etc.

A hint:  go to THiNC, and buy Toneless Tomba’s inventory boxes; they look like upright footlockers.  And buy the copyable form, which gives you all the colors, and lets you rezz up as many as you like.  It will be a time- and moneysaver in the long run, and allow you to sort through what you have in terms of colors.  Many stylists include the ad image along with the hair, and so you can usually apply the texture to at least one face of the box.  (I wouldn’t do that to the front face, where the menu controls are located, just to be safe.)  Fill the box — possibly two boxes, depending on how many wigs you have for a style — close the edit and take the box into inventory, then delete the loose wigs.  You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll gain back quickly.

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