Zaara Pashmina Shawls

At the end of our last exciting episode — in the comments of the last article, in other words — I was moaning (but with a grin) about Cajsa Lilliehook beating me out.  I was planning on writing about a lovely bit of couture from Zaara Kohime, who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite designers, but Cajsa got there first.  Cajsa encouraged me to go ahead and do my piece, though, saying such good stuff should get all the notice it can.  And Zaara’s Pashmina shawls certainly deserve the attention.  (In fact, I’ve just placed her in my picks — something I don’t do much of!)

So click the thumbnails and behold quality that’s worth every linden:

(Colors in the pictures: berry blue, bottle green, peach & cream, sky)

Once again Zaara’s  choice in fabrics is sensational.  And her sense of detail is impeccable, from the fringe on the ends to the draping across your body.  I had only one out of this series I bought that I had to twitch into position, so as to keep a breast from poking through.  As for the uses, a scarf like this makes a nice accent to any good day dress or business suit.  You can combine with solids, or do as the Indians do and Cajsa demonstrated in the second of her two articles (#1 / #2), and combine with another pattern for effect.  (I wasn’t brave enough for that, but perhaps in the future!)

The shawls come in 12 colors, and can be purchased individually, in fatpacks of six each, or the entire collection together in a mega-pack — the last is a little pricey (L$1,950), but the savings are also mega, and the quality of the work makes it worth it.

  • Dress:  G.L.A.M. Luxe “Lita” w/ gold tights
  • Nails:  Sin Skins Glitter Burgundy
  • Eyes:  Virtual Impressions Shine green
  • Hair:  ETD Maaliyah (blackened cinnamon)
  • Shoes:  Biddle Boots full sculpties, black

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