Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li

When most Residents think of “scripted” prim hair, they probably have in mind wigs that they cannot move the prims on themselves, but can shift the fit using LSL and “blue box” control buttons.  Some content creators stand by these, because it makes the wig hard to copy and resell as your own piece; the Residents I’ve talked to, though, are not thrilled by this facet.  They prefer to copy the hair and make micro-adjustments themselves to the individual prims.

But there’s another kind of scripted hair, which allows changes to other aspects besides shaping; and that’s what Tekelili Tantalus, owner of the Tekeli-li role-playing costume stores, has come up with.  Tek carries a number of styles which are intricately coiffed, and contain scripts that change hair color, and the colors/textures/lights of the hardware you’re wearing in the hair as well.  And the combinations he has come up with are stunning.  The inspirations are mainly from fantasy, but with dashes of science fiction thrown in here and there.  Tek even adds in a few jewelry sets that echo the theme of the hairstyle — and they’re scripted, too, for the same versatility.

This article will be large, with lots of pictures, combining the hair with various dresses and costumes; so I’m breaking it here, aside from one teaser.  If you’re interested in seeing more, “turn the page” and check out the photos I’ve put in.  (You can also see them on my Flickr stream.)

So, here’s the teaser; see what you think….

Juno, just one of the styles available!

Juno, just one of the styles available!

A few more views of Juno:

Juno 1 Juno 2

As you can see here, Tek’s styles are complex and intricate; there’s many levels of braids in Juno, as well as the tails hanging down in back.  But the real kicker to me is the diadem and its associated parts.  Not only is all that pretty in its own right, but it changes colors as well — along with the hair.  And so do the colored portions — the “gems.”  Mutter the right command on the appropriate channel, and you can send everything through a considerable number of color variations.  Even better — you’re not stuck with one selection once you stop.  As long as you don’t do something to the scripts, you can change almost any aspect of this wig — or any of his others — any time.

Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour (no lashes)
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal (blue); Detour Edge lashes
Popfuzz Eye of Horus tattoo

Lashes:  Detour Drama
Dress:  Tree and Ocean SL Punk Princess (peacock)
Shoes:  Kitties Lair Peep Toe Pumps (gold)

Shot at INbloom Garden Center (INbloom 139,56,21)


Andromeda 1 Andromeda 2 Andromeda 3

Feeling like a Greek goddess?  Try Andromeda.  Besides the single long horsetail, you’ll have a diadem consisting of glory-rays, with a little chain linkage between the front and the back.  Another long braid hangs over your right shoulder quite nicely.

Gown:  Casa del Shai Grecian Maxi Dress (lilac)
Shoes:  Roman sandals by Birdie Fairymeadow
Nails:  Sin Skins Glitter Burgundy (fingers); Vain I’m Notdrunk (toes)

Shot at MDR Spa location (MDR 90,133,21), behind building)



Melange only got one photograph by accident, but it’s still a very nice wig.  Lots of leather straps (also color-changing!) swag the hair back into a single falling column, along with sub-braids.

I was going to pose in the spa on the property; but, when I saw the coastline through the window, I decided to go for it.  Looks like I missed the wave action I was aiming for — bad timing. Ah, well….

If you’re at the seashore, then of course who needs more than a bikini to wear (grin)?

Bikini:  Relika Paisley (forest green/black)

Shot at MDR Summer location (MDR 111,19,25)


Aurora 1 Aurora 2 Aurora 3 Aurora 4

I was feeling a little cold in the photosphere here, so I pulled on a sweater before I shot Aurora.  The light this hairstyle gives off, though, could keep you quite nicely warm if you were interested.  This has an extra attachment to the wig, giving an added appearance of a nimbus of light to the built-in glow.  (You can see it best in the third photo — the “halo” and “light arcs” that seem separate from the remainder of the style.)  The usual multiple tails are fixed with rings, and there’s a nifty ornament over your ear.

Detour Klee lashes
Sweater:  HSC Cortina w/ prim collar, sleeves and belt tie
Pants:  LF Fashions Isabeaux leather pants (no attachments)
Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci Dhali Bow platform heels (silver)

Shot in MDR studio photosphere (MDR 15,158,1))


Nautilus 1 Nautilus 2 Nautilus 3 Nautilus 4 Nautilus 5

Nautilus is perhaps my favorite out of the series I’m modeling here, and I felt it deserved something a touch dressier than the other pieces to date.  (This is also where I really got into the swing of doing the costumes.)  So I dug down in to Inventory and pulled out one of Ann Otoole’s Empress Collection from Unique Needs; you’ll remember that the flag gown, Andromeda, won last year’s Ewing Award in its category.

For a big gown, you need big hair, and Nautilus works.  I wanted a contrast away from the silvery theme of the gown and the main diadem, so I set the gemstones to a yellowish color, which could be citrines or bright yellow topazes.  My RL birthday is in November, which makes topazes appropriate anyway.  Doesn’t this remind you of the one style Padmé was wearing in Attack of the Clones, when she got off the boat with Annakin in the mid part of the movie, the way your hair is pulled up and over your head?

I added to this the Nautilus jewelry collection (sold separately), which fits the style so well.  It has the same color-changing ability, and is on a different channel, so you can have different colors on at the same time if you wish.  The suite contains a circlet, necklace bracelets and earrings.  The bad thing is that I did start meeting with the one problem coming from wearing all this scripted material:  things started getting a little s-l-o-w.  Having all this on is good occasionally, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in a crowded region.

Lashes:  Detour Edge
Gown:  Unique Needs Cygnus (Empress Collection), including shoes

Shot at MDR Ocean photosphere (MDR 7,141,3)


Oracle 1 Oracle 2 Oracle 3 Oracle 4

The name of this set is Oracle, but it made me think of a warrior’s hairstyle.  It just seems more earthy and barbaric than sacred; perhaps it’s because of the leather straps that circle over the crown of your head.  Or maybe it’s the mini-braids hanging around the long one in the back.  Frankly, you could get away with calling this Cthulhu because of those braids, at least if you were looking at it from the rear.  But it’s still pretty.

Lashes:  Detour Edge
Earrings:  Zaara Melange (red)
Necklace:  Kimbra Celtic cross necklace
Costume:  Avilion Mist Daedelus chain and robes (female), w/ Warlord cloak (sides removed)
Boots:  DeLa Liddell wool boots (black)

Shot at MDR Ocean photosphere (MDR 7,141,3)


Plasma 1 Plasma 2 Plasma 3 Plasma 4 Plasma 5

Plasma is out there — so far out that this demanded a more science-fiction setting.  So I threw on my gold skin, bought a cyber-suit, and took off for Planet Mongo.  I wanted to do the photographs in the city, but it’s full of shops now.  So down to the surface I plunged, where I found an outcrop to sit on — with a Japanese lantern, of all things!

Plasma also has an associated jewelry collection, and I’m wearing most of it here.  The one thing I left off was a headband, which included a readout screen that covered one eye.  After a while, I decided that was too much, and took it off to get these shots here.

Skin:  Comet Corp. female gold skin
Lashes:  Detour Edge
Jewelry:  Tekeli-li Plasma scripted jewelry
Costume:  Tomby’s Type 81 CySuit (red/gold)

Shot at Planet Mongo 247,6,22


Youkai 1 Youkai 2 Youkai 3 Youkai 4

Youkai made me think of tea rooms and geisha, which meant a search for a Japanese setting.  I chose this tea room in Farrah Island, which I believe is a geisha community as it works out.  There’s even a kabuki theatre here, and a koto which I tried out before settling for the tea room.  I also dug out a yukata — a summer-weight kimono — from way back when I was still living in that little loft in Dunyvaig.  My Asian shape/skin was called for as well, so I became my character of Keiko for these photos.

This is perhaps the simplest style of the batch I have here:  only one fall behind your head instead of multiple braids, and a far simpler set of ornaments.  The beauty of the piece stems from that simplicy.  If you can’t see this, go find a Zen pebble garden and stare at your navel for a few years, until the satori hits you between the eyes (grin).

Shape/skin Issigonis Ayumi (skin 3.2 medium shade/freckly/lib B/Lash A)
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal green
Generic freebie yukata and zori

Shot at Farrah Island 176,214 and nearby


Zorya 1 Zorya 2 Zorya 3 Zorya 4 Zorya 5 Zorya 6 Zorya 7

Zorya was what first drew me to Tekeli-li.  If it weren’t for the Nautilus set above, this would be my favorite, and it may actually be a tie between the two.  This one makes me feel like a queen or empress, and I was searching for a place with a throne to sit in, until I stumbled across this parkland in Hera, and found this lovely little temple dedicated to the Zodiac.  So I became a sun priestess instead.

Look at the detail that went into this; look at those stars in the diadem, with their subtle shaping by shadows!  Tek was brilliant with this, and I wish he would put out a jewelry collection to go with this set.  There are two levels of metal here as well as the hair and gems, and I went for a rose-gold setting on the secondary.  It can also change between having your locks hang down, or swagging them back up into the hairdo — a very nice touch!

Costume:  Aeclectic Goddess Muse
Shoes:  Adam n Eve Romantica heels (gold) — part of the Romantica gown package; I’m unsure if they’re available separately

Shot at Hera 159,145,32


So much for what may be the longest article I write for this blog.  This took me a week of time, what with real-life commitments, to assemble!  I think the results are worth it, though, and I hope you enjoy.  If so, leave comments!  Also, leave lindens — at Tekeli-li!

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