Second Life “Adult” Definitions Draft Published

The plans for the new adult continent are proceeding apace at Linden Lab. The Big Blog announced the progress in an article published yesterday, with links to a draft of current proposals for what constitutes “Adult,” “Mature,” and “PG” content. (Adobe PDF copy of the draft document from the Knowledge Base)

The key to the whole enterprise will be to devise a fair and comprehensive definition of what should be tagged “Adult,” and what is “merely” art.  This is something of a concern for me as an art dealer in world, though I haven’t handled any nudes yet beyond a few quite tasteful things by such as Maxfield Parrish.  (His Daybreak is my biggest seller — which is a relative thing (grin).)  At this point, though, I’m satisfied with what I’ve read.  Though I haven’t followed the discussion on the Forums — I have enough to read and process every day! — it seems that the Lab is trying to work actively with the Residents to get something workable and that will, if not please everybody, not totally displease everybody as well.  That’s the working definition of “compromise,” by the way.

Any road, come approximately June, the changes will be implemented to everybody with the new 1.23 viewer, and we’re gonna need to live with it.  One can hope that, if the policy needs tweaking, Linden Lab will be open to it.  Such things are almost never gotten right on the first go, and I expect some fine tuning will come.  Just in case, I’d urge a workable appeals process as well, so that someone who gets banged by the policy wrongly can get things fixed.

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