Great Hair from Tukinowaguma

I stumbled across Tukinowaguma hair sometime in the deep, dark past that I can’t remember, and I purchased one of her interesting wigs at that time.  But I didn’t go crazy about her hair until I got a sale ad from the Galleria at Frank’s, which drew me to her store there.  After catching sight of the other styles she had, I ran off to her main store and went crazy. KateForster Akina does lovely bobs, one of which I include in this photo essay; but her updos are fantastic as well.  If you’re looking for big hair for a ball or formal dance gown, definitely try out one of the Tukinowaguma stores, and you’ll find things there to enchant.

Most, if not all, of the styles are scripted for color change, by the way; click on the wig to bring up the menu.  You should either make a copy of the original (preferable, unless you have a huge Inventory), or choose a white shade to bring back the original base color.

I’ve placed the best of the photos I’ve taken in a set on my Flickr stream, and on Koinup as well.  If you like them, please leave comments (both here and there!).  But I’ll give you a small taste here of what I came up with, instead of drowning you in six tons of photos on this blog. As it worked out, I had a mess of Satin Sheen gowns from Nicky Ree on hand as well, and sets of opera gloves from Mimikri; and so I decided to try a themed photo shoot, changing only colors, shoes, hair and jewelry.  A few WindLight tweaks, courtesy of Torley Linden’s excellent package, are also used here.  As long as you have a good default saved to fall back on, don’t be afraid to experiment with those sliders, for both sky and water!

A few notes:

  • Nicky’s Satin Sheen gown is available at her store in most colors for L$100.  This absurdly low price for a Nicky Ree original is because she’s offering the original — it appears, from my reading of the notes I found in the packages, that someone’s copied her.  Please patronize the original designers, not the 7th Avenue knockoff “artists.”
  • Mimikri’s gloves are some of the best I’ve found on the Grid.  The cuffs are prim addons, so I did a little mixing of colors for effect, to match a few of the gowns.  Buy the whole set, and use the cuffs to show the “lining” of your gloves!

Turn the page and behold!

First of all, a little preliminary information —

Stock items (across all looks):

  • Alady Jane Seymour shape (no lashes)
  • GemCorp Wendy skin (no longer available)
  • Wild Lilies Cape Shelley eyes (Viviana Igaly)
  • Detour Edge lashes
  • Digit Darkes eyebrows (high/high point)


garry_0021 garry_0041

I cannot figure where the name Garry comes from here; all I know is that this hairstyle is beautiful.  The tall coil up the right side gives the wig that sense of elegance that is wonderful for a night in the formal dance clubs (which is where I usually hang out when I’m in a dancing mood).

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (green)
  • Stiletto Moody O-wedge sandals (black/gold)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (emerald, w/ cuffs)
  • Jewelry:  Zaara Kaya malachite/gold suite

Photographed at MDR Photography seaside location


pincushion_001b pincushion_002

Pincushion (Tukinowaguma spells it “Pincusion”) goes to the other direction from Garry, with the defining coil of the style draping down in front, even partially obscuring vision.  I think I rather like this one better than the other, though both are beautiful.  It all depends on the moment, I guess (grin).

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (red)
  • Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks (gold)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (red, w/ cuffs)
  • Myrddin’s Celtic silver bangle (Myrddin Delcon)
  • Primalot Georn suite (gold/black enamel) (Manya McMahon)

Photographed at MDR Photography Summer Park


risel-2_003 risel-2_005

Risel is a more conservative coiffure in tallness, but still has the bouffant I look for in an evening updo. Very reminiscent of how my sister used to dress her hair in the Sixties. Of course, her hair wasn’t able to change colors with a click, like to this shade of light bubblegum pink!  (Pink was for dresses, Barbie, and poodles back then, not hair.)

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (pink, gift item)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (black, w/ cuffs)
  • Maitreya Verve pumps (black)
  • Bracelets: Primalot Luna gold bracelet (Manya McMahon)
  • Earrings: Misty Cybermart Anchor (gold) (yoona Mayo)

WindLight settings: Torley Linden (TOR Asian Red Dawn)

Photographed at MDR Studios Pub


teruma_001 teruma_003

The Teruma wig is for perhaps for those who want a looser, down or more “natural” look; but it is still highly styled, with lots of volume. A thick braid in back gives way to a cascade of loose locks that spill across your shoulders. (The pictures don’t show up tremendously well because of the ash color of the wig; my bad on this.)

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (blue)
  • Detour Glamour Metallic pumps (black)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (white)
  • Earrings: Amour Elegant Silver (sapphire) (Natashya Antonelli)
  • Necklace: Virtual Impressions Cherish (silver, blue topaz and diamonds)
  • Watch: Virtual Impressions women’s diamond watch

Photographed at MDR Photography Autumn Park


andrea_004 andrea_002

Tukinowaguma has several short styles as well as long. Andrea is a delicious, choppy, razor-cut bob that is still thicker than your usual bob. It’s sleek, sophisticated and vicious all at the same time.  I can’t think of who this reminds me of; only that it’s the short style I’m favoring right now for my casual moments, as well as in a luscious gown such as Nicky’s.

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (champagne)
  • Maitreya Verve pumps (red)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (red, black cuffs)
  • Muse Celine black pearl/crystal/gold necklace (Caliah Lyon)
  • Gold/black pearl earrings by Twisted and Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)
  • Cleopatra flower bangle (gold/black enamel) by Rach Snookums (not available for purchase)

WindLight settings: Torley Linden (TOR 2013)

Photographed at MDR Goth skybox


empress_006 empress_002

What is fitting for an empress? Gold, silver and the imperial purpure, of course. Empress reminds me of some portraits of Marie Antoinette or similar European royalty I’ve seen from the 17th and 18th Centuries, though it has a modernistic spikiness as well.  More of an empress from the 1980s, perhaps, with access to a few cans of mousse — and gel — and freeze — and maybe some Aqua Net thrown in for added stiffness (grin).

  • Nicky Ree Satin Shine gown (purple)
  • Mimikri opera gloves (silver, purple cuffs)
  • Adam n Eve Volar heels (silver)
  • Stargazer Designs Aquitaine suite (silver/amethyst) (Stargazer Blazer)

Photographed at MDR Photography Public Work Studio


UPDATE, April 27, 8:30 a:

Imagine my pleasure this morning when I logged in, and found that Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion had linked to this article, and had run out to Tukinowaguma to pick up the Pincushion style.  I had already sent her a gift of a luscious gown from Clio as an extremely belated rezz-day gift from last year (sigh), and she combined the two into one of her features.  Click on through and see how good Cajsa looks in this combination — and with actual evening “makeup” as well!  (I never remember to switch skins when I’m shooting an evening style.)

Now, if I can just remember Cajsa’s rezz day this year…and Gidge’s…and…well, you get the idea.

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