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Most of my fashion sessions are in gowns; and I’ll admit that I love the swirl of silk and satin about me at night.  (Which is a good thing, since Frank’s Place (SLurl, other articles) is my favorite club in Second Life.)  “Gowns” is probably the second largest item in my Inventory after “Hair.”

But let’s face it; it isn’t nighttime all the time.  (Unless you keep your environment settings locked on “sunset” or “evening.”)  You gotta have the sun as well as the moon, the yang as well as the yin.  And you can look just as good in casuals as you can in a floaty Nicky Ree or Baiastice.

There’s a lovely little coffeehouse in Rainforest Isle Estates called the Drip ‘n Grind.  I like to pop in there once in a while when I’m not hanging out of a morning at the Blarney Stone.  Not the place for a gown, most times of the day; it’s not a “rough” neighborhood, of course (who’d set up a coffeehouse in the Badlands?), but this wasn’t anywhere near after-club clubbin’ time, when you’d stop in for a cuppa joe and some pie or eggs Benedict.  So something a little more casual is called for.

I love silver, and I love boots; why not combine them for a morning off?

I love silver, and I love boots; why not combine them for a morning off?

These are all separates for once; I can mash up like others, but I usually go for intact sets.  Not this time, though, as I remembered these black leather shorts from another costume, and the silver top from Baiastice.  And if you’re gonna wear sassy, take it as far as you can go.  That means the Tallest Heels in Second Life — Stiletto Moody.  (I would have worn her old Gladiator Sandals, but the heel sound will not turn off in my set, and I’ve never gotten in to the store to get a replacement.)

Audrey Hepburn in Capri pants and flats

Audrey Hepburn in Capri pants and flats

A digression:  one of the few pet peeves I have with SL is that pants too often poke through the uppers of a pair of good boots like these.  That forces you to wear or find pants that won’t do that — which usually means shorts.  Not that the day wasn’t fine enough for shorts; I’d just like to see more trim-fitting jeans and slacks, more Capri pants, etc.  (As many of us are admirers of Our Lady Audrey Hepburn, who loved Capris and wore them frequently, I’d think the demand would be right out there from more quarters than this.)  This may be partly a function of Second Life, but it’s also as much, if not more, the dictates of the designers.  Of course, I’m quite willing to be proven wrong.  If anyone out there knows of more places where I can find Capris, lay it on me and everyone else.  It’ll make for a renaissance in boot wearing, I’ll wager!

Enough digression.  I noted that I had two outfits here.  The second is an ensemble, and was inspired by my being near the sea here.  And (isn’t it loverly), this one has Capri pants!

Having a cuppa tea before going down to the dock

Stopping for a cuppa tea before going down to the dock

Can’t you just see this on you as you’re walking the deck of your boat or yacht on a sunny morning with the first cup of coffee?  I probably could have kept on Stiletto’s black boots here, but I wanted to have something that matched the color of the blouse.  So I pulled out these ankle boots from Biddle in just about the same shade of electric blue, give or take a few degrees on the color wheel.  Considering how tall that fire is behind me, it may be a good thing that this outfit is so light:  breezy cotton in a peasant-style blouse and those lovely white pants.  (Have I mentioned that I like Capri pants?)

Of course, since I’m Irish at heart if not in ancestry — and even that could be debated by a genealogist — I want something of that world on me when I can.  The silver torc-style bracelet on the first outfit does well there; on the second, knotwork is engraved into the golds cuffs.  A triad on each, of course, as good Celtic work often is.

The details:

Outfit 1:

  • Shape:  Alady Jane Seymore (no eye lashes)
  • Skin:  GemCorp Wendy
  • Eyebrows (system scalp):  Digit Darkes Eyebrows-high/high point
  • Eyes:  Wild Lilies Cape Shelley (Viviana Igaly)
  • Lashes:  Detour Edge
  • Shirt: Baiastice Jem top (silver)
  • Pants:  DnG black leather shorts (Dafydd Sodwind)
  • Hair:  Maitreya Nikki (copper) (Onyx LeShelle)
  • Shoes:  Stiletto Moody Tall Boots
  • Jewelry:  EarthStones Crystal Elements necklace and earrings (air/gold) (Abraxxa Anatine); Myrddin’s Celtic bangle (silver) (Myrddin Delcon)
  • Nails:  Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge)
  • Tattoo:  Eye Of Horus Shoulder Blade Tattoo by PopFuzz Bamboo

Outfit 2 (changes):

  • Hair:  Sinsation Meeka hair (platinum) (Yes, believe it or not; Sinnocent Mirabeau’s done a few halfway-sane hairstyles!)
  • Outfit:  Nautical top and pants by Ambraye Sewell
  • Shoes:  Biddle ankle boots (electric blue) (valentine Biddle)
  • Jewelry:  Enchant3d Emporium Celtic Trinity wrist cuffs (Fianna Idora); Amour Designs sapphire earrings (Natashya Antonelli)

For more pictures, see my Flickr stream.

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