Gidge Uriza as Dolly Levi

Regular readers will know of my close friendship with Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza, the co-authors of the SL fashion blog It’s Only Fashion.  I check their articles frequently for information on interesting new clothes and designers, and it’s often wonderful what I find.

A few days ago, Cajsa and Gidge came up with the concept of “Queen of Hearts.”  They did two pieces on it; in the first, Gidge is playing an Aztec “queen of hearts,” and Cajsa is on the sacrificial stone.  But the second is a bit more traditional, with Gidge playing in a modern take on Dolly Levi, the matchmaker and eponymous character of Hello Dolly! A small taste from this:

(C) 2009 by Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook

(C) 2009 by Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook

The full sequence is fantastic!  Click through and take a look.

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