New Club in Morabeza

I’m not that much of a clubhopper in world (or out of world), but this one looks interesting, and I liked the music that was playing when I stopped in.  Flickr and Plurk friend Rylan Carling put up four photos of a new club called Waterside on her Flickr stream, and it looked interesting enough that I decided I’d stop in and take a look.  Nothing was going on at the time — it was early afternoon — but the layout of the place, taking a chunk of the Morabeza sim, is intersting.

Waterside club

Water is, of course, a theme here, with the club placed on a set of docks and ramps around a pool with shooting fountains.  Seating appears to be not as heavy as at some clubs; of course, dance is the big thing at clubs anyway (it being hard to have a beer or martini at a Second Life club), so seating is not quite that needed.  The music on at the time was slow pop/rock, and quite listenable.

This might be a place to have a stop in for conversation, but more so for dancing with your partner/lover.  Check it out sometime, and see what you think!


Fashion details:

  • Standard shape/skin 1
  • Hair:  W & Y style 90, script type C, dyed red
  • Gown:  Prelude Ambrosia
  • Shoes:  Adam n Eve Volar pumps (silver)
  • Jewelry:  Eclectica Chevron suite (silver and pearl)

WindLight setting:  TOR Canyon Dreams (Torley Linden)

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