Dress by Connie Arida, with Jewelry Purchase

A promise delayed is a promise unkept, but the time has finally come up in my scattered wits, and Connie is about to get her due.  Many of you may know of my friend Connie Arida, an avatar from Australia and an excellent photographer here in world.  It was her (as well as Cajsa Lilliehook, I think) that got me involved in my fashion and photography work here, and I’ve valued her friendship since.

I’m not sure if Connie is planning to branch out some; but she created a dress of her own a month or two back, and it’s available as a L$100 gift pack at Eclectica Jewelers.

Connie's Dress_008

I don’t know how much of an active Roaring Twenties community there is in Second Life — there doesn’t seem to be, to my knowledge, but there are those who appreciate the beauty of the time, and Connie appears to be one.  This piece, her first dress, hearkens back to that luscious time as well as forward.  It even has beaded fringe around the system skirt, which is a nice touch.  I like especially the bodice, with its tasteful semi-sheer look and the beading or design that is integrated into the texture.  An excellent first effort, Connie, and it has promise of more to come if you’re interested!

And then, add on the Eclectica baubles that are the actual selling point of the dress — this is a jewelry store, after all.  I can’t remember if Connie designed the dress for the goodies, or the goodies were designed around her dress; but the combination is stunning.  Attend (and click for larger):

Connie's Dress_007 Connie's Dress_006 Connie's Dress_004 Connie's Dress_005 Connie's Dress_003

Eclectica’s material consists of a dragonfly-themed set of baubles for around the neck/collar, the waist, and a ring for each hand.  There is also a pair of earrings that are just lovely.  Wear this ensemble — incredibly affordable, yet stylish — and you’ll feel like you should be sipping cocktails in an Art Deco hotel bar in South Miami Beach.

Other items:

  • Shape/skin:  my standard, Type 1 (See the Fashion page)
  • Hair:  Biedermanns Macarena (silver) (Aleixandre Biedermann)
  • Shoes:  Maitreya Slinky Stilettos (silver) (Onyx LeShelle)

Photographed at my Secret (Public) Photo Studio

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