Always Hope for Rebel; Support the SL Designer

I’ve been staying out of reporting or voicing an opinion on the DMCA suit filed against Linden Lab by Munchflower Zaius and Stroker Serpentine, chiefly because I’ve had no opinion either way on the outcome of the suit, and also because others such as Hamlet Au have better sources and resources to report on this piece of news.  I’m not going to step in where I’m only half informed on a subject, if I can help it; that just gets controversy instead of solution going.  However, I sympathize with the creators of original content when it comes to having their hard work and sweat ripped off, since their work is being stolen by creatures who are little better than slime mold on the soles of our Stiletto Moodys.

Now comes the most blatant piece of copy theft yet.  According to sources, someone came in to the Woodshed sims owned by clothes designer Rebel Hope and RH Engel, and copied everything.  Rebel quickly complained to Linden Lab, but the damage has been done; the thieves have since distributed everything to the Grid at large.

Anyone who’s taken advantage of this theft for their own selfish aims is as sad, stupid and just plain evil as the thieves themselves.  I doubt if any of my words will influence you; you’re only out to save the pennies you would be shelling out by purchasing Rebel’s designs from Rebel herself.  I hope you get your jollies this way.  Just remember; karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass.  Or, to put it a little less crudely, an old maxim I learned from literature class back in high school, long before most of you were born (or perhaps hatched):  “The mills of the gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine.”  If you need a translation of that, then don’t come to me, because you’re hopeless in the first place.

If, on the other hand, you’ve taken some of this copied trash by mistake, I hope you’ll do the right thing and delete it; or, even better, delete it and replace it from Rebel and RH’s actual stores.  As a show of support, and hoping to help out a tiny bit in the financial-loss area, I dropped in to her couture store last night, and bought a few things.  I’m not in the need for medieval or Gothic furniture; I’m decorating my current house in Art Deco.  But I’m always interested in dresses, at least for modeling, and Rebel Hope can please, including with this item:

The gown is Ginger Gold, and it’s a lovely piece, which I teamed up with some of the jewelry I purchased from the Jewelry Fair, as well as a vintage watch in gold and lapis lazuli beads.  Now tell me:  isn’t something this good worth L$850 — only US$3.25??

You know, Woodshed’s furniture costs even less than a good Rebel Hope gown?  And that’s at full price?  And RH is running a sale right now on selected items, too.  I don’t need any, but surely someone out there is needing to redecorate…?  And you have three whole sims of furniture to choose from.  Why not show some fiduciary solidarity with Rebel and RH, and go enrich their pockets instead of some thieves’ (who hopefully won’t be around anymore)?

(For details on the gown, see my Flickr or Koinup streams.)

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