On the Road

On the road again -- in Miata sector

On Heterocera Highway 1, to be exact.  I thought I’d finally do that little exploration trip I’ve been contemplating, especially after reading a travel article by ujiyasu from a day or so ago.  This will let me give my new shearling coat a workout, too.  (It may not seem like it to you, but I think it’s cold on the Grid right now.)

By the way, can anybody recommend a good hotel — or maybe a youth hostel?  The music’s better at a hostel….

(The other sign behind me to the left, by the way, which you can’t read from here, is a highway sign.  Someone in the DPW needs to design proper “trailblazer” shields, as the road groupies refer to them.  Or didn’t they open a design contest for that at one point, at least for Nautilus…?)

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