Such a Fashion Faux Pas!

Woman with a roll of toilet paper on her belt

I snapped a shot of this lady avatar yesterday while I was doing some shopping.  I won’t show her face, or say who she was; I won’t even say where she was, except it was one of the nicer places for casual daywear.

Tennis shoes are fine; I was wearing them myself.  Sweat pants, and even that top, I can live with; I’m not that kind of snob, at least I hope.  But that belt???? Please, please tell me that this kind of “accessory” is not common wear among the ladies, or the men, of Second Life.  There were other things on there as well that don’t show up here:  firecrackers, even a few loose cigarettes, which drives me almost as wild as that damned roll of toilet paper.

Things like this are leagues beyond tasteless and tacky; it just plain says, “I don’t care how I look, and I don’t give a damn if you do.”  I can only thank God that I haven’t seen something like this monstrosity in the Real World, and I hope I never do, even in a costume.  It’s bizarre and ironic that this woman was wearing such stuff in one of the nicer stores on the Grid, with an excellent designer.

Even in the virtual world of Second Life, how you look matters.  I’ll confess, I run around occasionally in T-shirts, especially when I’m advertising Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs; the one piece of clothing I’ve managed to make was a store shirt from a stock template by Robin “Sojourner” Wood.  But I wear such stuff only in appropriate places.  Costumes, especially the more revealing stuff, the same thing:  only in appropriate situations.  The rest of the time, I’m dressed appropriately for the location and time or event; I don’t wear sloppies to the Anglican Cathedral, for instance, unless I’m stopping in for a moment to light a candle and say a quick prayer for someone.  And NEVER something as ugly and tacky as that belt!

Who knows?  Maybe I’m overreacting here.  Maybe I’m showing my age; I may have grown up in the Sixties, but I try to dress in RL with a little consideration for the situation.  My parents would have been horrified by this; they grew up in the Thirties, and Dad stopped wearing a coat and tie only long after he retired — and he was a car mechanic, not a desk jockey.

Please, folks, if I have any influence in this blog, I beg you to think about the situation before you go wearing something like this.  If you’re going to a grunge club or something, then I guess go ahead.  In your own house or apartment, obviously.  But out here like this?


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