Tales from Insilico — The Courtesan Seeks Atonement

When the courtesan Shayana heard that one could find atonement in Insilico, she had hoped for more than just another place to ply her “wares.”  Instead, she found more of the same, at least on the upper floors.

But she descended the spiral stairs to the old sanctuary, now a dance floor, and found the great altar, still shining with its promise of hope.  Shayana fell to the floor, praying that her plea for sanctuary and solace would be heard.

Feeling released from her burdens at last, she rose and cried out in joy, “God has heard me, and I am free!”

And Shayana departed in peace, resolving to find a new way in another place better than this….

The details:

  • Skin: Chai Ice-05 skin with cleavage (no longer available)
  • Costume: Violator The Game of the Courtisane (Soraya Vaher), available at Rezzable’s fashion/lifestyle show at Greenies Home; includes hair and shoes
  • Lashes: Detour Drama lashes

Click here for Part II….

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