Tales from Insilico — The DJ’s Freedom and Pain

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Caution: one photo below potentially NSFW/NSS

Some people felt that the life of a disc jockey — an archaic name for a job that had last seen a disc of any kind hundreds of years and a galaxy ago — was a mindless grind of cuing music files, fielding requests, and hoping that the boss would cough up the promised pittance, euphemistically referred to as “pay.”

Playing DJ at a club in Insilco

Jadzia begged to differ, at least while the music played.  To Jadzia, formerly Shayana the courtesan, the music was freedom, and the music was joy, and the music was escape from the blasted hell of the streets outside the club she worked at.  She was never more at home, never more comfortable, than when she was behind the music desk, punching up songs and mixing….

Dancing on the floor

…unless it was when the assistant DJ came up to give Jadzia a break.  And then she could go out on the floor, whirl and spin and flirt with the paying dancers; and the joy filled her, shining from her face at times.

But the time at the club was all too brief.  No matter how long she spent there, eventually she had to leave the small spot of brightness in her life.  And tonight was worse than most; her most recent lover had walked out on her that afternoon, packing his few possessions and leaving her sobbing on the floor of their squat.

Her spirits fell with the advance of the clock; at last, when the club closed, she pulled on the streaming “cloak” she had crafted together from remnant and cast-off strips of silvery sheerfab, and wandered the shabby streets of the Central sector, filled with trash and industrial flotsam.

Dressed as she was, Jadzia knew she was taking a tremendous chance on thieves, always a danger in the less-patrolled fringes of Central and the sectors below the glittering northern ziggurats.  If someone tried to mug her, and discovered what she wore was her only wealth, then her life — or at least her body — wouldn’t be worth two centicredits’ purchase.  Tonight, though, she didn’t care particularly. She felt as empty and useless as the hulk of a burning groundcar that she passed at one point.  She stopped to watch the flames burn, and felt the heat sting on her modified synth-flesh; but that heat didn’t penetrate to her heart or soul….

A bar Jadzia stumbled into around 0400 station time offered liquid solace…or was it merely temporary forgetfulness, a pseudo-lethe that was not true forgetfulness or acceptance?  A few late (rather, early and illegal) bar crawlers tried to cheer her up with some antics, but it did little good, and they left her at last to her pain.

My thanks to (l-r) Motoko1207 OHare and tralala Loordes for posing with me

At last she arrived in the East 01 sector and trudged up the ramp to her apartment — an apartment that might not be hers for long, now that Kiyoshi was gone; he’d made it plain as spit on the sidewalk that she could go whistle for that month’s half of the rent as he walked out.  She palmed the big rotary door closed and locked it, and contemplated the bleakness of her surroundings.

It was a big room, yes; but it was all rusting metal and rivets, thrown together in the early days of building the Insilico complex to house the workers, and now turned into cheap rental space for those who couldn’t afford one of the luxury northern ziggurat condos.  She had been lucky that it hadn’t been subdivided by the lazy manager to squeeze more credit out of less space.  As it was, her only furniture was a floor-cushion, a few discarded office chairs, a table, and a bed made literally of steel framing.  A previous lover had been a bit of an artist, and had built the monstrosity out of old construction members in a garbage pile, and covered it with a stolen mattress and velvet sheets.  His leaving had been far less heart-scratching than Kiyoshi’s that morning, and he said that Jadzia could keep the bed as a gift.  (Privately, she suspected that it was because the silly thing was too heavy to move.)

Jadzia stripped off the dress she had worn tonight, built with love and skill out of salvage she had found from the clothing sweatshops in West 02 sector, blacked the windows, and threw herself into bed.  The tears began flowing hotly down her photo-etched cheeks as her woes and fears came flying out of the darkness to stand beside her.

Being on the run for the bills was nothing new since she had decided to try to break into the flashier club jobs two years ago.  The payments for her skin were the ones she never forgot, even if she had to ride the edge of homelessness and starvation at times, since the folks running the black biolabs took a very dim view of deadbeats.  More than one payment missed, and they tended to come back to repossess the skin.  Yet, after two years and nearly 10,000 credits invested in her looks, she was still mired in a backwater excuse for a wage-slave’s station on a gritty corporate planet; she had maybe 20 credits in savings; and worst, her bed was empty and cold again.  There were times when she felt it would be so much easier to stowaway on an orbital shuttle, and then throw herself out of a port-side airlock as it was docking at the starboard side….

But then, low and sweet, the sound of an antique saxophone came drifting down from the ventilation ducts.  Ramos, a live musician — that rarity in a syntho-pop world — was practicing again, as he always did this time of the morning.  The sound of ancient blues seemed to resonate with the pain in Jadzia’s heart, piercing to the core and bleeding it out of her for the time; and she drifted at last into sleep, remembering what her mother had told her — there was always tomorrow….

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The details:

My standard Type 2 shape and brows

  • Skin, hair and dress: alpha.tribe Natural Things v.2.0 (an amazing piece of surrealistic work, the purchase is worth every linden, and includes both male and female versions in the one package)
  • Eyes: Curious Kitties Crystal eyes (blue)
  • Lashes: Detour Drama
  • Nails: Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails (set to silver, and lengthened some distance from the fingertips; I love the ability to modify these nails, and they don’t do weird things to the hands like other brands I’ve tried so far)
  • Cape: Kicreations Faerie cape (I think I actually stripped this out of a dress and discarded the dress, but I bought it so long ago — I think in my first year — that I can’t remember now)
  • Shoes: Maitreya Slinky stilettos (silver steel)

Photographed in various locations around the INSILICO regions, mostly Central and East.

I noted it already in the caption to their photo, but I want to thank again Motoko1207 OHare and tralala Loordes for agreeing to be in a few photos with me.  They were speaking in RP at the Blue Ant bar when I came by, and very kindly agreed to be included in my photos.  I even slipped a little into character to go along with them for a time.

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