SL Nights in White Satin

No, this isn’t a fashion spread.  I just wanted to relate something quick from the Fashion Emergency group.  One of our members was looking for tips on how to color match her new Stiletto Moody Bare shoes to her skin — a frequent problem with prim feet, I believe.  (I have no direct experience, but there’s enough shades out there to make me have that belief.)  Another member suggested she try the Color Under Cursor function in the Advanced menu of the client, which gives you the RGB values for under your cursor.  Then you just plug the numbers into the shoes.

I noted, for example, that if you have blue skin, then you should make your Moodys blue.

I was met with a deafening silence for that one.  I think most of the members present fled screaming into the void of cyberspace….

Posted February 10, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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