Fantasy Fit for a Queen (Updated)

(UPDATE:  Cajsa Lilliehook has done a set of photos on this style as well, recently uploaded to her Flickr stream.  Check out the set.)

One of the wonderful things about Second Life, to me, is the pure fantasial aspect.  You can be or dress anything you choose to be; a librarian can be a grunge biker, a debutante can be a goth, a human can be a dragon or a small furry otter.  Or you can dress yourself like the richest and most powerful person you can imagine, even if you’re living in RL on a beer-and-pretzels budget.

Try this confection, for instance.  A simple gown, with the addition of some wonderful things, becomes a style fit for a queen.  Indeed, the gown is named Queen, from Gold in the Night and Elisea Carter.

I love evening gowns anyway, since I never have a chance to wear them in real life, and my SL Inventory is filled with gowns, probably far more than I’ll ever need or use (grin).  The extra frills of layered satin at the hip, the long opposing double trains behind, the sleeve-like attachment of matching satin loops, and the immense feathered headdress, all add the exotic extras that really complete this gown.

If you like that extra bit of sexiness, then just take in this one exposed leg, and the back left open to the small for that special someone to trail fingers over….

With a gown this spectacular, you let the dress do the talking as I see it; so I kept the jewelry simple and sophisticated.  I don’t go much to Virtual Impressions anymore, but I have a few pieces left from my time dealing with them; the prettiest is this necklace, Fleur, and its matching earrings.  I added a pearl bracelet around my wrist for accent.  And, of course, since I’m now a queen, I have to wear at least one royal decoration…in this case, the star of a royal order that I created myself.


The details:

  • Skin: Darkes Sisters S8 sunkissed, dramatic eyeshadow
  • Gown: Gold in the Night Queen (Elisea Carter); complete confection with shoes, prim attachments and headdress
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Fleur (gold/diamonds); G & S Designs pearl bracelet; Star of the Order of the Tower (created by me, not yet for sale)

Photographed in Tempura Island region.

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