Pink Shirt Day 2010 (Updated x2)

PinkShirts_05 copy, originally uploaded by Arcadia Nightfire.

When the idea was suggested yesterday on Plurk to do a group pose for today’s Pink Shirt Day, I was glad to volunteer for the job.  I’d had such fun back in my early days, when I did an instant photoshoot with my good friends Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion, that I’d been hoping to do something like this again.  So I dashed off to XStreet and found a nice pink corset — yeah, I know, it isn’t a shirt, but pink tops aren’t my thing; I can handle a pink corset, though.  And, at the appropriate time, I hit the blocks along with all the other suspects for the above photo, taken by Arcadia Nightfire of MDR Photo.

The partners in crime:

Back row (l-r): Tymmerie Thorne, SySy Chapman, Aldwyn Zanzibar, Chandni Khondji, Arcadia Nightfire, Kyria Tomsen, Lavea Alter, and Addison Mortlock

Front row: Harper Ganesvoort, December Dollinger, and Gabby Panacek


Thanks much, Arcadia, from a former victim of bullying, for an opportunity to stand up against this very real RL scourge.


UPDATE: Arcadia has written up the picture and the campaign better than me, on her own blog.  Also read Gidge Uriza’s personal story at It’s Only Fashion.

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