Hamlet Au Goes Crazy! (via The Bot Zone)

This information is as yet unconfirmed; Mr. Au has not responded to phone calls, tweets and E-mail with invitations to comment. However, Grid government representatives are said to be encouraging Mr. Au to teleport to the Guvnah’s Mansion, where he will be invited to “cooperate with the authorities.” Stay tuned to this blog for further updates, as well as additional giggle-age.

Hamlet Au Goes Crazy! In what can only be described as bizarre, unfathomable, strange, weird, unprecedented, and fantastically amazing, world-renowned Second Life reporter, Hamlet Au has perhaps lost his mind… It all started in a local night club. Witnesses say Hamlet was acting delusional, talking gibberish, nonsensical, and in an almost incoherent state. He kept mentioning something about “bots that were out to get him”. Then it is alleged that Hamlet kicked one o … Read More

via The Bot Zone

Posted July 6, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Fashion, Humor, People

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