No Subject is Too Small to Photograph in Second Life

The proof of the above statement?  Check out this Koinup group, Doorways, Gates and Portals, and you will believe.  Please note, though:  the 13 photos here at the moment (all from Second Life) are, in several cases, not boring.  One or two of the artists shows interesting creativity in their composition and subject.  The founder of the group (since it’s usually the founder who throws in the first pictures) has a set of three up paying tribute to areas in the now defunct Arbre Monde region.  It’s all a matter of passing through and cherry-picking the good ones, just like you would for any artist’s collection of works.

My favorite out of what is present right now is Doorways by Stephanie Helsein —

(c) 2010 by Stephanie Helsein

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