Finally on Facebook

I’m finally yielding to the trends, and I’ve reactivated my old Facebook account.  It’s primarily another way to announce blog articles and various other things; beyond that, don’t expect any world-revealing information about me on my Wall or profile page.  I’m always suspicious of Facebook (with some justification, based on news articles over the past year or two), and I don’t even reveal much about myself on my RL Facebook page — which I maintain only to keep in touch with my old schoolmates from Way Back.  (I will say that my 35th high-school reunion is next year.)

If you’re interested, I think I have the page set open enough that you can see some of my stuff publicly.  I won’t be accepting legions of friends right off just because I’m getting the thing going.  Of course, those I do know and respect as friends in world are welcome to let me know that they’re on Facebook as well (grin).

Posted July 16, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta, Personal

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