With the action going on in California, and now the federal courts, over their Proposition 8, I think it’s time I made my statement on the matter.  I have considered this over time, and I’m not doing this lightly or flippantly, or to be “part of a movement”; for me, this is the right thing to do and express.

I’ve known gay men and women (I’ve never seen the need to have a separate term for gay women myself, but that’s another matter), and worked with them side by side.  And as far as I’ve ever seen, they’ve been as good people as straight, not immoral in any way.  Of course, there’s this little thing about sexuality….  But, from all that I’ve learned over more years of life than I’m willing to admit with my avatar, homosexuality is not necessarily a question of choice of lifestyle.  And, if that is the case, then isn’t marriage a right to them as well as to “straight” folk like myself?

I’m keeping this more simplistic than I wanted to, as I’m rushed for time when I got this ready to publish.  But I wanted to get this up and add my small but present voice to the matter.  Please consider your words and their effect; I hope you’ll join in support one day.

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