More Knitting (via A Passion for Virtual Fashion)

Those of you who’ve read a previous article or two, or who look down my sidebar, will know that I’m a knitter in RL. This isn’t unusual; there’s an active group on Ravelry of knitters and crocheters who are also avatars, and at least two in-world groups exist (though not exactly active in chat or meetings).

A recent convert to the craft is my friend Harper Beresford; here’s her latest exploits in the Land of Fiber:


More Knitting I know you’re all dying to know about my forays into knitting. Well, it’s been… dangerous. No, I didn’t poke myself in the eye. I went to the knitting store down the block and the other one a few miles from my house and was caught rubbing the skeins against my face. And then I was forced (*forced* I tell ya) to purchase a skein of angora wool that came in variegated shades with a deep blue base (called, appropriately, “Neruda”). So I have started … Read More

via A Passion for Virtual Fashion


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