Salute to the USMC

Since I was wound up trying to get this computer repaired, and then my photo contest results written up, I forgot clean about this year’s Veterans Day.  I usually have this day in mind, as my father served in the Army in World War II, and came out of it with a Purple Heart.

(C) 2010 by Skye Donardson

This year, it’s particularly appropriate, as the Marines are celebrating their 235th anniversary.  Born in the European tradition of a seaborne infantry force, the United States Marine Corps has become something else over the years, with strong, powerful traditions and an esprit de corps rarely matched, while still maintaining their association with the Navy.  Many great men and women have served in its ranks, and many have died fighting for their country, on soil around the world.  Let’s join Skye Donardson in this tribute.


Anyone who has Second Life-based photographic tributes to veterans from around the world are welcome to submit them to my Flickr group set up for the purpose.  No advertising cards, please, no matter how well intended; the group is moderated, and all inappropriate submissions will be turned down.  Please read the rules at the link before joining, as this will prevent difficulties before they arise.  And thanks much!

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