I Met This Girl Named Cajsa:Berry’s Challenge (via It’s Only Fashion)

I hope you’ll join me in wishing a speedy recovery for my friend Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion, who went into the hospital for an operation.  You can get a little more information by reading the article below from her blog partner and even closer friend, Gidge Uriza, but most of all you’ll get a sense of how close a true friendship can develop between people who are, seemingly, no closer related than a computer screen and modem connection.  Follow the link on through, please, and read for yourself.

(Current information is that Cajsa came out of surgery in the minimum time and is in recovery.  Let’s hope and pray for the best results!)

I Met This Girl Named Cajsa:Berry's Challenge About three years ago I met this girl. I was busily setting up vendors in this huge BIAB shop that my friend owned and doing other shiz associated with managing a mall, and this girl was there, stuck under the stairs to the store. We laughed and talked and eventually she got unstuck but I can’t remember how. She probably had to relog. She camped at my friends club, on the same property. He paid out tons of camping lindens daily because he had thi … Read More

via It’s Only Fashion

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