Sweater Weather

The weather's getting colder all the time now, and we start breaking out our woolens even in the virtual world of Second Life. This black cardigan with white linen blouse, from INDI, is particularly nice for the late fall and maybe even early winter.

I was chilly with the November breeze,
and it was a courtly thing you did
draping the sweater over my shoulders,
taking care to smooth the wool
with a touch that whispered
that later you would claim the garment,
and the shiver taking it would bring
was something you coveted
with breathless avarice.

A nice touch of cabling and ribbing in the sweater's texture gives this cardi a wonderful look; while the prim collars for both sweater and blouse complete the look, instead of letting the tops lay flat on your body.

“Sweater weather,” you said.
And I am swept like a crisp oak leaf
into a duvet and down dream,
where the pillows do not speak
of the warm, the moments large and small
when I nestle near you,
demanding that arms dress me
to close kept comfort.

I was lucky enough to discover an editable shape from Le Pinceau that closely matches my old Alady shape, and this is going to be my default look from now on!

Arms around my waist,
legs entwined to akimbo,
and my last thought before sweet drowse
is that fall will never come
without you to chase the cold
in the season of sweater weather.

“Sweater Weather,” by Lisa Shields


The details:

  • Shape: Le Pinceau Female Shape A and Iridiance Eyebrows
  • Skin: Alto — Baroque Dewberry
  • Eyes: Poetic Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Nails: Candy Nail Basic Prim Red 08
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Keina (red, stock shade)
  • Top: INDI Collar Cardigan (black) and white blouse (prim collars) (single package)
  • Pants: LF Isabeaux leather pants
  • Glasses: epoque Swan Shades (Loud, HUD green)
  • Shoes: Soreal Superstars sneakers
  • Necklace: Mona Lysa Golden Triple Moon necklace

Photographed on the dock in Tokyo Sea region; thanks to Torley Linden for the location in one of his own photographs.

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