Batting 1,000 Avatars

I was happy to get a chance to do a little informal pose work today for a Resident who’s making a name for herself in our community.

Gracie Kendal at work

Gracie Kendal, making like Annie Liebowitz

Gracie Kendal (above) has taken a project that began as illustration for a thesis, and turned it into an exhibit of creative power both on her part and that of her models, as well as a celebration of the wonder and power behind these virtual creations we inhabit.  The 1000 Avatars Project, dedicated to the late Delinda Dyrssen, is Gracie’s quest to photograph at least 1,000 different Residents as they picture themselves.  Gracie’s kept busy so far; as of my last check, she had over 700 photos, and she gets more lining up whenever she is in world from the looks, costumed up as they envision their avatarish personality.

The results have been diverse, to say the least, and illustrate the amazing creativity behind Second Life avatars.  To see some of the work, drop in at 1000 Avatars and run down through the articles.  You can find out more about the Project, if you haven’t heard already, on the about page, and also learn how to offer yourself up to Gracie for 5-10 minutes of (backward facing) fame.  You should work out in advance what you want to appear as, and perhaps also choose an animation/pose that helps illustrate your SL personality.

Be prepared for all sorts of things.  For instance, this is how the studio looked tonight, when I went back to check things out:

Observe the royalty inside the translucent hemisphere, and the professional comedian in front.  And this is just a single time here; you can find more on the walls about you.

Also, after I’d posed this morning, and was hanging around to observe for a while, everyone started jumping up and down to pass the time while they waited their turn.  It got infectious (with a little help from a gifted jump animation):

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