Nadja´s Style — Mixx (via Vanity Universe)

As my struggles with my home computer continue (it froze up on me twice yesterday), I’m liable to do a lot more reblogging. I have no problem with that per se, as long as I get a chance to do some original stuff myself. But when it gets to the point where you’re having to wait five minutes for the browser to finish loading a window, ten minutes for the browser to close, and another ten for the computer to reboot or shut down in good order, it gets hard to be productive. Have patience, dear friends; and, if you want, you can contribute spare lindens to a fund for buying me a new screamer desktop (grin)

As for today, though, let’s get a taste of some excellent German style. Nadja Baxter’s done a lot of fine stuff at Vanity Universe, and here’s a sample of her recent work.  Click through for the whole article, please:


Nadja´s Style --- Mixx Shape by Nadja Baxter read more , slurls   … Read More

via Vanity Universe


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