The Times are Changing

I can’t let this moment go by without writing something, even if I have to write it on an iPhone. Egypt is going through incredible change at this moment and we must applaud their people for doing it with a minimum of bloodshed.

Now comes the rebuilding, and the time to really worry. So much can blow up at this point, in terms of getting an Islamist government eventually, of having a group in power that will become unfriendly toward the west and Israel. On the other hand, some analysts are speculating that dictators in the region may need to worry; that there could even be a reignition of the Green democracy movement in Iran. A Saudi diplomat just told CNN that they may get worried there about a “social network” revolution there as well.

Someone tell me what’s happening in the Egypt sim! I can’t get in world, blast it!

Posted February 11, 2011 by Harper Ganesvoort in Issues and Trends, News

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