2011 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest: And the Winners Are….

At last, it’s done!  After tacking on two extra weeks to the 2011 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, it took almost another week of running through the entries and comparing, scoring and recomparing before I came up with the winners.  Now, I’m happy and proud to announce them to you all.

There were nearly 40 entries this year, down from last year as I’ve noted elsewhere.  A few Second Life entries were made from Koinup, but none came from other worlds, and so there is no set of non-SL winners to announce.  I need to get this contest better publicized next year; we may be able to do something about that.  Having said this, the time taken to judge these 40 photos was needed.  We have a very talented group of photographers, models and designers in Second Life, and the order of these winners could have been different by only a few points of subjective judgment.  I’ve tried to be as fair and objective as possible with the choices I’ve made here — a difficult job, though an enjoyable one at the same time.

For this year’s winners, click on and behold excellence….

First Place, and a L$2,500 prize:

Curl Swinderhurst, with a beautiful black gown from Sascha’s Designs, taken inside a theater!  The simple elegance of the sequined gown, the evening jacket and the pearls work together for a classic piece of red-carpet magic absolutely appropriate to the theme of the contest.

(C) 2011 by Curl Swinderhurst

Second Place, and a L$2,000 prize:

Draakje Dailey, photographed by Pam Astonia, and wearing this lace-bodiced confection from My Precious and Finesmith jewelry.  Draakje’s gown runs toward the other end of Oscar fashion, the more modernistic gown that is barer and sexier, yet still elegant.  This particular dress reminded me of Halle Berry in that delicious Elie Saab gown the year she won the Oscar for Best Actress.

(C) 2011 by Pam Astonia

Third Place, and a L$1,500 prize:

Kit Balogh wears this corseted gown from Phoenix Rising with panache.  The large prim skirt adds movement and charm to the composition.

(C) 2011 by Kit Balogh

Honorable Mentions (L$250 each):

Rudyn Carter offers this turquoise Azul gown with an intricate leaf-style bodice, and hair by Plume:

(C) 2011 by Rudyn Carter

RayRay Shippe submitted a gown from Paper Couture that harks back to the early days of the Academy Awards, especially with the long cigarette holder she carries and the veiled hat she wears.

(C) 2011 by RayRay Shippe

Aida Ewing runs us back to the modern era again with a beautiful black gown, and a gentleman to hang on to her arm as she walks up the red carpet.

(C) 2011 by Aida Ewing

And finally, Strawberry Singh wears this silvery gown from LeLutka and a tall upsweep by Plume in a very minimalistic photo:

(C) 2011 by Strawberry Singh

Congratulations to all of the above, and I hope you’ll remember to enter again next January when the 2012 Contest begins!

(For anyone curious about the first contest in 2010, click on to last year’s winners.)

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