Happy Rezz Day, Harper! (The Other Harper, That Is)

Yes, there is another Harper in Second Life.

Before you go running screaming into the night, you may rest assured that Harper Beresford is nothing like me (for which there are probably many in the virtual world who are giving much thanks).  In fact, there are a few other Harpers back and forth on the Grid.  But Harper Beresford is is one of a kind.

Copyright 2011 by Harper Beresford

She is an incredibly regular fashion blogger — her A Passion for Virtual Fashion is one of a handful of blogs of any kind that I read regularly.  She is also the business manager for the House of RFyre and RP Couture, both owned by Raven Pennyfeather.  Her sense of style is dead on almost every time (well, there’s always something two people won’t agree on, but most of the time I love the stuff in her articles).  And I’m glad to say that we’re friends in world.  You can find out more about her from an interview for Avenue magazine for January 2011. (See page 58.)

If you see Harper in world today, if you follow her tweets or plurks, check her Flickr stream or read her blog, stop a second and wish her a Happy 4th Rezz Day.

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