Sashay to Sascha’s, Babooshka!

It isn’t often I write about something that’s just been released.  But, after getting the notice from Sascha’s Designs and stopping in to look at it — and also spending some very nice time chatting with Sascha Frangilli and a pair of Dutch visitors — I decided that this was so good that it was definitely worth talking about.  The only trick was what hair to wear with the magnificent jacket.

Doesn’t look like much here, does it, if you focus on just the blue undershirt and the white pants?  (In this color choice, there’s also a pink top; but I favor red hair, as you know.)  It’s the dressy jacket that makes this iteration of the outfit so nice — one of the nicest dress jackets I’ve seen yet in my fashion history in world.

I love that collar!  As long as you take care in picking your hair and other accessories, that delicious collar surrounds your head quite nicely.  And the colors are wonderful, in a bold floral pattern.  In fact, so wonderful….

…that Sascha also included a full-prim, petticoated skirt, a la the 1950s or early 1960s.  Take off the pants, throw on the skirt (with a system layer on underneath, if you choose), and you’re ready for cocktails at 21 or Locke-Ober, perhaps with Don Draper or Roger Sterling.

To go with the outfit, I chose these high pumps by N-core.  The HUD that comes with it allows you to match skin tones on the prim feet (although I look to have been just a trifle off; I’ll have to pay attention to that in future), fix sizes, and change colors on nails and the jewels.  I usually have red nails whatever I’m wearing on my hands; but I set the big slab jewels to amethyst purple to go with the purple in the skirt and coat.

Pearls are always a favorite of mine.  These are set in silver, and come from Eclectica; while the elaborate upswept hairstyle is an old favorite from Tukinowaguma.  The spectacular coat demands a spectacular hairdo, nice and high at the least.  I made the choice for one of Tuki’s elaborate styles here.

There are several other shade choices, of course.  Go check them out, and may you enjoy.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy SK SE
  • Eyes: Curious Kitties Crystal (blue)
  • Hair:  Tukinowaguma Fiori (red, script-dyed)
  • Nails:  Candy #P000 basic prim nails (green)
  • Outfit: Sascha’s Designs Babooshka
  • Shoes:  N-core Soul Chained Galaxy
  • Jewelry:  Eclectica Chevron necklace, earrings and ring

Windlight:  Torley’s MIDDAY:  Cheery cyan

Photos taken in Damania region, looking down into Elonia.

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