Prim Hair is So Much Fun

Especially when you are wearing a longer style.  Like this one, which I found while I was cleaning Inventory tonight:

I won’t name it, and there’s no real need to, as the phenomenon can’t be helped.  If you’re gonna wear hair that long, and your head sways from neutral — as most heads will if you wear an AO — you, too, will suffer from occasional Hairy Boob Syndrome.

However, there is hope!  Virtual scientists and researchers are even now working on a cure.  I am accepting donations to further the good work in this quest.  Minimum donations of L$10,000 may be sent to my treasurer, Irving Lipschwitz, care of Jackson State Penitentiary.  (Or is that the state prison in Starke?  They keep moving him.)


Posted June 25, 2011 by Harper Ganesvoort in Hairstyles, Humor

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