Hair Fair 2011 has Begun!

One of my two favorite time of year in Second Life has arrived.  It’s Hair Fair time, when we fight insane amounts of avatars in the quest to fill our Inventories with lovely new hairstyles.  I’ve already worked through one region, and am planning on finding a box again tonight and trying to hit the next.

Whimsy Winx has written an excellent article at the official HF blog on how you can reduce your lag, which is similar to the one I reblogged recently.  Please go and read one or the other, and take the advice.  It may make for a far less interesting visual experience, but it will improve your shopping experience tremendously.  As for myself, I did some pre-shopping by joining the Hair Fair Demos group and receiving a mess of boxes of demos, most of which I tried on.  It gave me a sense of what to prepare my budget for, though there’s always something else.  And I followed the advice myself, dressing very conservatively before working my way into a chink in the sim population.

What you see above isn’t the ultimate in festival dressing; you can get yourself down to just 1 ARC by putting on a “system leotard,” which can be as simple as a cunningly created skin, and going bald, as I did a few years ago during the “Candy Land” Hair Fair.  The picture above comes very close, though, with only the simple sandals tipping the scale over to a still-green 365 ARC.  Frankly, since I rode around on one of the boxes left for use by the organizers for edit-flying, I could drop the sandals as well; after all, I wasn’t going to even get any virtual sand from the beach-themed pathways in my shoes.  Doing that, wearing only primless system-level clothing and a tattoo-layer hairbase, the ARC can be 100 or less, unless you move.  I left my AO off as well; what little walking I did was duck-walking, but it was for a good cause.

Remember to be at least a little loose with your wallets when you shop at these events.  The Accessory Fair in June was for the Relay for Life; as is traditional for Hair Fair, contributions (either direct or in the form of cuts on purchases) will go to purchase wigs for children with hair-loss problems, often through disease or chemotherapy.  The full details can be found at Wigs for Kids, the organization receiving the donated money.

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