AN IOF PSA: Naming Conventions (via It’s Only Fashion)

This new trick is available in the latest beta of Firestorm as well as a dev of the Linden viewer. Gidge links in her article to the original by evie, and then pleads for something also very useful — designers (at least some of them) using a single abbreviation “convention” when naming their items….


AN IOF PSA: Naming Conventions With the ground breaking change of being able to copy to text what we are wearing, it’s more important than ever that what you the creator name your product be intuitive. It’s hard enough with a big inventory to find things. But that’s my problem not yours. However, if your shop name is SUSIE’S HOT SHOP but your individual items have a name let’s say HOTCHA, and then inside of the folder of that item is shirt, pant, whatever….it’ll look like TH … Read More

via It’s Only Fashion


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