Your Baby Really Looks Good in Blue

Say it ain’t true
The things that they’ve been saying
They say that you’ve found
Someone new
But don’t break my heart
‘Cos your baby never looked good in blue
Your baby never looked good in blue

     — Exposé, “Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue”


Well, I tend to argue that statement by Exposé, but I’m not suffering from a case of the blues, as the singer clearly was.  (One of Exposé’s better songs, incidentally.)  First, I’ve always liked blue.  Second, I’m a redhead in world, and blues and greens are very good with red hair, as is gold.  Third, in this gown from Azul, which I’ve admired for a few months before finally buying, what classy lady wouldn’t look good?  The gown is a strapless, with the addition of luxurious gold embroidery around the prim skirts, and this lovely fold-down bodice strip at the bust.  It’s available in several colors, of course; and I was torn between this and the red version, before deciding that I’d go with the classic color combination for red hair.

A clean, classic dress deserves clean, classic jewelry that still makes a statement.  This set of necklace, bracelets and earrings from Lilypily does the trick nicely.  (There’s also a ring, but I left it out of these pictures.)

This shot gives a better look at the earrings — sapphire brilliants depending from the main stud — and my long nails from Candy.  Part of Candy Nails’ birthstone collection, this set has blue nails of a lighter shade, with yellow topazes embedded in several of the prims, and with a topaz ring on my right hand as well.  Candy Nails has an excellent selection, and seem to be some of the best-fitting ones available on the Grid.

The prize of the confection, though, is probably this recent release of hair from Tukinowaguma, one of the variations in their “Eight” hairstyle.  This one has white ribbons tied in bows — not as splashy as Tuki’s wigs with elaborate jewelry, but still making a serious statement of elegance.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy
  • Eyes:  Poetic Sapphire, gold flakes
  • Hair:  Tukinowaguma Eight Ribbon (red)
  • Makeup:  Glamorize Arista 2 eyeshadow
  • Nails:  Candy #BS Topaz prim nails
  • Gown:  Azul Mirai (sapphire/gold)
  • Shoes:  B&G Alba pumps (black)
  • Jewelry:  Lilipily Aletheia choker, bangles, earrings (gold/sapphire)

Lighting:  Torley’s WindLight, “DUSK:  Briony”

Photographed at Tempura Island


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