Meshes: a Revolution? (via Dunes)

Tanaquil Beaumont has written an Excellent Article about the latest hot topic to hit Second Life, mesh fashion.  Tanaquil gives the primary high and low points about what mesh clothing can do for the fashion industry in a clear, illustrated form that I found wonderfully helpful.  Read and like.  (If you’re on, you can actually Like it by logging in to your blog, then clicking the Like button on the control bar at the top of the window on Tanaquil’s page.)

You may wish to consider voting for and watching JIRA item CTS-693, “Request for Rigged Mesh Parametric Deformer.”  This appears to go into more detail than earlier propositions on the matter.

Thanks to Strawberry Singh, whose own summation article led me indirectly to Tanaquil.


So here it is, meshes have struck the grid with the new official viewer 3.0 (must have to experience mesh)! I guess most people who are reading fashion feeds already know about it while a lot of residents just have no idea what it is. Is mesh all new? No! Actualy (sic), your avatar is already a mesh. What is new is that content creators are now able to use meshes to build more detailed it … Read More

via Dunes


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