Hallowe’en 2011: The Chill

The woman stood and contemplated the fire burning low on the hearth.  It gave off little heat, was there more for the light than anything; she had no need for the heat, not since the day he had come and touched her lips and heart.  Moon-pale she had always been, some said.  Not as pale then as now, though, others replied.  A few of the servants had spied from behind doors and curtains, as servants often would, and they all swore that they could see the color draining from her face, the red of her lips replaced by the black, some claimed, of the grave.  Her people had served her faithfully before — now they feared to leave her, lest she come seeking them some night, and bring them back to her halls, changed as she was….

Keep on reading after the break.  Fair warning:  lots of pictures.

Wealthy her family had always been; but now the lady’s wealth was beyond counting.  It was said in the village below her manor that a cart carrying a chest of silver and jewels arrived every month as gift to her for the night of her favors.  You could see the costliness that adorned her every night — the only time she appeared outside of her rooms now in the other halls of the manse.  But the gay colors that had once graced her were now reduced to a narrow palette — black, and cold silver, and the icy sparkle of diamonds.  Very little of the warm yellow gold ever touched her skin in the past months.  Some said that it would burn her flesh to do so, marring the beauty that had become so cool, so remote, so dreadful….

The lady knew all these whispers, of course.  Since that night, she heard the least hint in the village pub about her almost in the instant it was uttered; and the terror that she caused those in the lands her family owned made her smile.  If they only knew how true all of this was — the icy Chill that surrounded her soul as her mortality was drawn from her, leaving her unchanging and eternal.  Wither and die all those of the herd that served her might as the years passed — but she would go on, and never fade.  She need no longer hold their service by love or by promise of money; fear of her and what she might do to them if they dared impede her will kept them bound and subservient.

Ah, but one day, tonight, there would be the one that she would find, just as her lover had found her.  And then….

Close-up on the nails by Candy -- these nails are excellent, and deserve their own pictures!

The other hand, along with a fantastic onyx ring


The chilling details:

  • Skin:  Curious Kitties Ryao Avyri Winter
  • Eyes:  Poetic Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  Tukinowaguma Setuna (black)
  • Gown:  Dressed by Lexi Darkness Within (includes gloves, and one layer of the makeup I’m wearing)
  • Shoes:  Adam n Eve Miranda (black)
  • Jewelry:  GaNKeD Black Tears earrings and bracelet; Dahlinks Chloe back-knotted pearl necklace; DDL black onyx/silver ring by Melina Anatine; SPICA Royal Pearls black pearl bracelet
  • Nails:  Candy Swallowtail #P045 black nails with baubles
  • Other Makeup:  Divine Black Night lipstick; Amacci tattoo lashes

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